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Posted on May 20, 2003, under legacy.

Today I took the plunge, after *counts* 7 years of using WindowMaker I’ve decided to try something new, fluxbox. Don’t get me wrong I love WindowMaker but a small few things annoy me about it, the clip and dock just take up space as far as I’m concerned, and the complete dearth of decorative options for Title Bars was very annoying. So now I’m using FluxBox. It took a while to get keybinding in to a usable state for me, but now that I’m there I have to say I’m pleasantly suprised. This might just work out.

Last night I read through a review copy of Dave Malone’s and Niall Murphy’s IPv6 book, looks extremely good. I managed to mail a vew comments before the night was out, but I’ll sit down and give the book a proper read later this week.

Bringing a smile to my face, I managed to track down the Department of Health Press Release about the incoming smoking ban, it’s 4 months old, but still, it makes me very happy. I can’t wait for smoking to be banned.

Though with the state of law enforcement in this country, it might be a while yet before the benifits are felt in any real way.

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Posted on May 19, 2003, under legacy.

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