Posted on June 7, 2003, under legacy.

I’ve been bold, It’s been a week and a half since I uddated my Blog, but there are reasons. On Saturday last, RedBrick’s NFS setup decided to crap itself, leaving us with no servers until Tuesday Lunchtime, gah!!! But at least there was good weather.

To make matters slightly more intresting, I decided to go ahead and swap our MTA (the venerable Postfix) for Exim on Thursday, it was on our plans anyway, but I just suddenly felt like doing it. It went surpsingly well, considering the nature of a such a change. All that’s left now for the big move is the migration to IMAP, which is coming in on-schedule, yay!

Today I found myself in teaching music in Bray of all places, filling in for a friend who’s away. Considering I went out there with no instrument, and no idea what I’d be teaching, it went well. There was a piano out there, so I used that, even though I had two Guitar classes, one bouzouiki, one Mandolin and one Banjo. One of the Guitar Pupils was a Belgian lady who joined Comhaltas to pick up Irish Guitar (she can already play Guitar very well), turns out she’s also learning Irish with Gael Linn (her two kids are in a Gaelscoil), so we did the class in Irish, which was fun (Irish with a Belgian Accent can take some getting used to though!).

Today I’m reading “Taking Chances” by John Haigh, who knows, I might even finish this book!