Party Time

Posted on June 23, 2003, under legacy.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and decided to try and learn how to use the Gimp. I’ve been using Photoshop for years to do the minimal non-creative touchups I’m barely capable of, and just got too lazy to learn a new interface. But, I can definitely recommend Grokking the Gimp, which within a few minutes got me up to speed, and I could finally do some basics like add a drop shadow! The GIMP’s drop shadow is also finer and nicer-looking, to me anyway, than Photoshops. The image at was touched up with the Gimp.

For years I’ve been mulling with the idea of Joining a political party. I’ve been involved in politics for a long time, and I was an electoral agent at the last election, but time constraints mean I’d be better off joining a party.

The party that mosts aligns with my own politics is the Greens, but unfortunately I have the rather inconvienent conviction that nuclear power is actually the greenest, safest power source going and we should be there already. So they get tetchy every time I try
to convince them.

Finally got a working ACL compiler for NSD written today, next onwards to the module building!