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From Gaudec

Posted on June 18, 2003, under legacy.

Finally made it out to Guadec today, lots of fun, plenty of exhibitors to annoy, and people I know to chat with. Some very intresting talks aswell, though I got nabbed by some people who wanted to learn IPv6 programming. Gnome definitely wins the hottest chicks in OpenSource award, or maybe it’s just the nice weather that’s making me think that ;)

My patches to nsd have been applied, and should be in the nsd-1.2 release. I’m working on adding ACL support for queries, we’d like to be able to deny queries from non-HEAnet subnets for a specific zone. The NSD people are talking about developing a modular plug-in standard, that would suit me down to the ground, but in the meantime I’ll hack it in.

I have a working compiler for the ACLs, which compiles the subnets into a file for NSD to read later, I’m going to see how best to integrate it with the NSD side of the equation today.


Posted on June 16, 2003, under legacy.

My IPv6 patch for nsd is now done, working on Linux. Lets see what the NSD guys think. Turns out it was the great Itojun himself who implemented NSD’s initial v6 support, so that’s kind of awkward. I based my patch on his guidelines.