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Copyright your CV!

Posted on May 17, 2005, under creative commons, general.

Right, well, lets see if this thing works then. After posting on ILUG about my, deserved, hatred of recruitment companies, I got no less than 6 people asking me if they could use the same copyright tactic as I am to guard against recruitment frauds.

First I should ‘fess up. This idea isn’t mine, Colin reminded me of it recently, but we came to know of it through Andrew Barnes and SAGE-AU where the Australians have been using a similar approach for some time.

The text below is entirely mine (although I’ve corrected the silly mis-spelling of purported) which means no lawyer or anyone with anything more than a passing familiarity of copyright law was involved in its construction. We could do with a nice, legally-reviewed, equivalent. Here’s the text of the license anyway:

This CV is copyright [YOUR NAME HERE], [YEAR]. You may not modify this CV. You may not distribute this CV to other parties without my express, written permission. In particular, I do not wish to be represented by any agency or third party and consent only to the use and distribution of this CV for the purposes of the immediate position(s) for which I have applied. If you have received this CV from an agent purporting to represent me, please contact me at the above email address or phone number.

Creative Commons doesn’t have a 2.0 non-attribution sharealike license, and attribution is very inappropriate in this circumstance, as is requiring a license to accompany what already is a license. As such, I’m granting a permanent free (as in beer) license to modify, copy, distribute, display or make any use of the above license. If anyone has a better license they can suggest, feel free to mail me!

Blog 2.0

Posted on May 17, 2005, under meta.

A long long time ago, as a 30-day experiment. I had a blog. If you see entries for 2003 in this blog, you’lI know that I managed to import the old entries. I’m still not entirely impressed by blogs, for one thing they seem attention-seeking and self-absorbed, but some factors have combined to encourage me to give it another try. Nóirín is off to Germany for a year, and it’s one extra way to keep up with each other’s lives, I’m impressed by wordpress, and I want to try it out, oh and I like this RSS lark too.

I guess I’ll try and keep it interesting.


One very dirty hack of a script later, and it looks like the very old blog entries are back