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Posted on July 26, 2005, under apache, general.

Well, I’m back from Apachecon and working hard at bringing the new online. As promised the I’ve put the slides up at

Already discussions had at the ‘con have outdated the presentation. Yesterday I checked out the latest httpd-2.2 branch from subversion (brached by Paul Querna last week) and set about benchmarking them on Itanium. Using the linux 2.6 kernel and the latest glibc NPTL the threaded worker mpm is coming out faster for me. Coping with about 8000 requests per second compared to prefork’s 6200. Though I’ve yet to fire up autobench and do some stress-testing, these numbers are just the response rates. Currently the machine is filling it’s disks as fast as I can synch content, but it’s still going to take a few days.

I’m also finally working on adding graceful-stop functionality to httpd, so that I can upgrade it without terminating the downloads of several hundred people. And on our system we get dialup users downloading ISO’s, so they get annoyed at that. The graceful-stop functionality itself is relatively trivial to add, the problem is signalling the stop. httpd uses plain old kill-type signaling, and there’s a slight problem of having run out of usable signals. SIGUSR1 is taken for graceful-restart, SIGUSR2 breaks threading on some platforms, strace/truss on others and the purify utility anywhere. SIGWINCH is used already for graceful-restart on Linux kernels which had userland threading. So, adding the functionality of a graceful-stop might meen a complete overhaul of the lowlevel IPC, oh the joy.

The rumour mill has it that this week will finally see an update for Apple’s laptop line, which means I might be buying my second new laptop in only 6 weeks, but since my parents want a laptop and my Dad has been eyeing my widescreen Vaio, it will find a good home.

And lastly, I’m off to Cork this weekend with Noirin, for what should be fun and luxurious long weekend. Definitely looking forward to that.

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