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Google Maps API and that last post

Posted on July 13, 2005, under general, meta.

As I’ve pretty quickly found out, the restrictions in the Google Maps API are fairly pants for any kind of map-blogging, or anything that uses dynamic url’s. The Google maps key is tied to a specific domain and “directory”. So; a map embedded at will work, but not or

So, while you can see the map just fine if you go to, you can not see it from the permalink page, or in any RSS reader.

Uggh, why didn’t they just use a simple per-user key like the other Google API’s! Apparantly they are working on it. When it’s fixed I’ll make the change. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can use mod_rewrite to get around it.

Oh also, if you’re trying to make embedded Google maps default to satellite view there’s a bug in the API, instead of using:


You have to use:


That took a while to find.

Update: Oh and it seems the embedded google map crashes IE, I’m impressed. Just use mozilla.

Update 2: Solved the problem a really nasty way. The google map is now embedded in its own html page, which in turn is embedded using an iframe. *shudder*, but it works.

Hidden Dublin

Posted on July 13, 2005, under photography.

It’s hard to believe, but I took this photo right in the heart of suburban Dublin;

Abandoned house and Farmleigh Clock-tower

If I’d pointed the camera only a few degrees to the left there’d be a shot of the entire Westlink toll-bridge. It’s a wierd photo, but it’s one of my favourites. I took it in September 2003, and the colours of the trees really set off the red of the boarded-up parts of the house. The grey-ish sky against Farmleigh clock-tower is a bit disconcerting, so I always find it an interesting picture to look at.

There’s actually three sets of trees in the photo, some before the Liffey, some before St. Martin’s Road and then the trees in the distance are all in the Phoenix Park or on the Farmleigh estate. The Google maps satellite imagery shows pretty perfectly where I took the shot, the house in question is right at the centre of that link. If you scroll to the top right you can see the bands of trees (and the gaps between them) and the Farmleigh estate. Here’s my attempt at illustrating this using the Google Maps API;

You should be able to click on the markers for some information.

It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful area is only 5 minutes walk from Liffey Valley shopping centre. But it is, it’s behind Palmerstown Village, and it’s a good few acres of empty land, leading right down to the river. It has some great walkways, although you’ll have to deal with the odd few burnt-out car. If you’re in West Dublin, I definitely recommend a visit!