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New Server, New Paper

Posted on July 12, 2005, under apache, general.

A while ago, I promised I’d reveal the new specs, and since someone reminded me of this today, here they are;

  • Dell 7250
  • Dual 1.5Ghz Itanium
  • 32GB of RAM
  • 4x 1Gbit/sec ethernet (load balanced)
  • 145GB of U320 15k RPM RAID-0 in a Powervault as an intermediate cache layer
  • 3x 4.4TB SATA – SCSI RAID5 enclosures, from Fibrenetix

Before anyone points it out, we know all about Itanium and its wackiness, but we got a price for this system we could not refuse (If you price just the memory on Crucial, you get a higher number than we paid for the entire box) and we’ve done our homework.

There’ll be much more detail coming soon. I’m going to rewrite my Apachecon talk and paper in light of this, as well as in light of the upcoming donation of the mod_ftp code to the ASF from Covalent.

Strictly speaking, I’m probably supposed to give the talk that’s on the ‘con CD, but I figure I’ll ask the organisers if I can give the audience the option on the day to have the old talk or the new talk, and point them at url’s for the paper. It won’t be very different, but at the same time, the two months since the presentation/handout submission have also coincided with some big developments.

Either way, the new papers won’t go to waste, it’s lined up for SAGE-IE next year.

And with that, I should mention that Apache will also be blogged. I’ll definitely try and take some photos of the events.

New Guitar

Posted on July 12, 2005, under music.

My latest Guitar arrived today. It’s a tenor guitar (four string) tuned in 5ths. It’s all-solid, with rosewood back, sides and fretboard. That and the maple top on it give it a rich full tone, it really rings like a bell.

My Tenor Guitar

It arrived in the “standard” CGDA tuning, which I really don’t like, so straight on with some new nickel strings (I prefer the tone nickel-wound strings give, even when not using a magento pickup) and lowered by a fourth to give GDAE and it was sounding much better. Right now it’s tuned ADAD, and that’s proving useful also.

For anyone looking for tenor guitar gauges with Google, I used; .40w, .30w, .20w and .12, my scale length is 552mm. I’ll write a much better entry about the guitar, where I got it from, as well as some tenor guitar history in the next few days.