Dirvish, mod_ftp, mod_cache

Posted on August 17, 2005, under apache, general.

After an accident with mutt yesterday, I finally got around to setting up proper backups for loughan, the server this blog (amongst other things) is hosted on. With some help (or rather config stealing) from Brian Scanlan, we now have snapshot-like backups using dirvish, which means we can recover from stupid user mistakes aswell as cope with disk failures.

Its configuration format is truly bizarre, but once you get over it it’s a powerful backup tool which will maintain snapshots efficiently (using hard-links). Highly recommended, especially when you don’t have the budget for a real backup/restore system.

In other news, mod_ftp is progressing and incubation should start soon. Although mod_ftpd is out there, mod_ftp is coming from Covalent and has a lot of real-world deployment and features. It will probably be running on ftp.heanet.ie within a few days of incubation.

My own little plan is to make caching and proxying working, which will mean that we can cache often requested files as we do for HTTP, but also that in the future we can build a front-end load-balanced cluster serving HTTP and FTP but retrieve content via HTTP, acting as reverse proxies. Probably not all that useful to the general world, but I’ll be making it work.

To that end, I’ve been looking through


in httpd’s trunk and cleaning it up. It’s surprising just how many boundary cases you can find when you start testing things thouroughly.

All of this means that the graceful stop work has been put on the backburner a little. I have the worker MPM in a state where it will stop gracefully, but it keeps a hold on the Listening TCP port, which won’t do. I’d like the port to be immediately free, just like sshd does with its graceful stop. I have a tingling suspicion that win32 is going to be an awkward case.

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jmason  on August 17, 2005

ooh dirvish looks neat! I’ve been doing that with a 20-line shell script, maybe it’s time to get all overcomplex about it ;)

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