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As both Noirin and Colin have blogged; last Monday we went to see Allison Krauss and Union Station, at the Olympia. They played a straight set, two and a half hours without stopping, and no support act, and it was easily one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Having seen Bella Fleck earlier this year, we are really notching up the bluegrass superstars.

Allison Krauss’ voice was superb, as ever. Her singing has a genuine haunting quality and for some of the numbers like “Ghost in this house” it was almost hard to believe that anyone is capable of producing such perfect sound. Highly recommended! If you ever have the chance, go see them while they are still playing.

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pamlovesitaly  on October 4, 2005

….I was also very lucky enough to enjoy AKUS; just the night before at the Bridgewater Hall, M/c;The pleasure of hearing them sing, play their instruments which such obvious self-enjoyment(and expertise..),with out the showbusi arrogance was a delight and a memorable performance which will long stay with me..sheer rare joy….pity the majority of the audience were not too familiar with the band, and their work,,,

….I over heard a couple commenting,,,as we were leaving the Hall..

” Well I did prefer Dolly Partons consert,,,she was marvellous… ”
teeeeee heeeeee….

I admire Dolly too,,, but it’s interesting to see how her marvellous business brain (and I admire her for that too…)hooked and tapped into the the simplistic purity that Alison Krauss was obviously going to endear us all to; and make commercially successful…

SUBSTANCE will win out over style(&accountants…even in the UK… PLEASE!

is the renaisannce about to begin,,here lets hope so..and well done to AKUS,,
I hope they come to perform again very soon,,inspirational..


/~colmmacc/ » Blog Archive » … in San Francisco  on May 12, 2006

[...] Having gone to see Union Square in Concert a few months ago, I’ll be seeing the real thing tomorrow. For the next few days, as I’ll be in San Francisco to attend JavaOne (more about why during the week). It should be great fun, and I’ve already got an incredible list of people to meet up with in the small amount of free time I might have while I’m there. [...]

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