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Posted on September 28, 2005, under general.

A few weeks ago, Paul updated his entry in the Apache contributors section to note that he’s now working for Ask Jeeves’ bloglines and I decided to check it out, since anything Paul touches is generally cool.

I’ve never comprehended why anyone would use something like Thunderbird, Safari or whatever to aggregate rss feeds, as to my mind it’s vital that you be able to access it from anywhere. For a long time I’d been using NewsGator, but have been growing more and more dis-satisfied with its quirky interface and general slowness.

Bloglines on the other hand has been much better. I like its interface much more, especially the small little details like using the relevant favicon’s for the rss feeds in the listing and the great sign up procedure which lets you get things you would ordinary find hard to get – like a dilbert feed.

I have never once found it to be slow, It’s got notifiers working for a tonne of operating systems, and some great customisation features. And it even has things like an exportable blogroll, which I’ll integrate with this blog soon hopefully. About the only bad thing I can say about it is that it uses frames rather unneccessarily, but it’s a very minor nit.

Noirin has been using it for the last few days too, and even found a blog noone else is subscribed to, which is pretty impressive, and seems to like it, and she’s usually a better reviewer of these things than I.

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kae  on September 28, 2005

I’ll have to try them out. I use Akregator myself, with some blogs rssed, and some tags as well. Combined with KMail and KOrganizer through the Kontact wrapper, I have a full PIM. It’s pretty cool – the fact that Konqueror’s RSS bookmarker is directly linked to Akregator makes it a much better deal than Firefox and Thunderbird.


conall  on September 30, 2005

I’ve mixed and matched a few RSS feed systems to create my system.

I use Firefox in multiple places, so I use Bookmark Syncronizer. I’ve a simple collection of Firefox live bookmark RSS feeds in my toolbar which I use to read news headlines.

In addition, I use for maintaining urls to blogs I read, which I have as an RSS feed in Firefox and throw into my blog’s side bar as html.

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