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Dash and go

Posted on September 24, 2005, under general.

The last few days have been a bit odd, on Thursday the whole HEAnet crew went off to Wicklow where we had a fun day learning to cook complicated Italian things. I made about a kilo of pasta, from scratch, and it was even edible, We retired to the Glenview where a fun time was had, including poker games until 4:30 AM.

It probably wasn’t the best idea in the world to follow this with 5 hours of orienteering on some pretty steep slopes in drenching rain, but we did. We learned how to pace navigate, compass navigate, take and use bearings and to feature navigate, oh and nearly broke some limbs in the process; but it was great fun all the same.

While I was up one of those hills, my new Powerbook arrived, and I’m writing this post from the WordPress Dashboard widget. Mmmm, it’s good.

And by way of a final note; If you havn’t already, go use Apache httpd 2.2. It’s currently in beta and the rough plan is to release by December, in time for Apachecon US in San Diego (see you there!) .

DIgital Rights Ireland

Posted on September 11, 2005, under general.

The initiative I wrote about a while ago continues apace, and yesterday we had our first in-person meeting, with more planned. Right now it’s a great mix of activists from previous campaigns, experienced technical gurus, media experts and very enthusiastic lawyers.

There will be a kick-off and annoucenment at TechCamp Ireland. but until then anyone can register their interest in an EFF-like body for Ireland by mailing or subscribing to the mailing list.