Liffey Voyage

Posted on October 2, 2005, under general.

This weekend has been a busy one, but productive. Yesterday, the Digital Rights Ireland group had its second in-person meeting, with double the attendance of the last one. Things are moving very quickly, and we’ll be in a position to make a few useful announcements at TechCamp, in two weeks time.

Today, which is Noirin’s last in Ireland for a few weeks (she’s off to live in Munich for a year) we were strolling through town and saw the new Liffey Voyage service is up and running, and we decided to give it a try. We boarded the boat at Bachelor’s Walk, and it went as far as the East link and back, taking about 45 minutes with lots of interesting information. Definitely highly recommended, it’s a great way to see Dublin, and it’s amazing to see what’s under all of those bridges! O’Connell Bridge in particular is facinating from below.

On a Technical note, all of this is made possible by a pretty innovative boat design, which has a veriable ballast (water tanks like a submarine) which means that low tide it can float high, but at high toad ride low.

Update: Noirin found some more information and photos on the boat; The Spirit of Docklands. More, if you speak Norwegian.

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