Hallo Von München

Posted on November 20, 2005, under general.

I’m over in Munich, where it’s starting to get a bit cold. I haven’t had long here (though I’ll be back in 2 weeks) but it’s a very nice place. I’ve been staying out with Noirin, at the OlympiaZentrum, right beside the Olympic Stadium, the BMW building and lots more.

Colm in Munich

As usual, the integrated transport system is an awful lot better than Dublin’s mess. Especially as Munich is actually smaller than Dublin, both in terms of population and geographical size. It’s real pity that Dublin doesn’t have anything comparable, because a great public transport network has a great social impact too. Here, London, New York, Paris and everywhere I’ve been that has a real network there has always been examples of people from all walks of life, side by side on the same journeys.

In Dublin we have transport apartheid, with real class segregation. For example if you live in south east Dublin, the journey into town you take every day will go blissfully through leafy suburb after leafy suburb, classy georgian Dublin, and then you’ll probably park right behind BTs and make use of the Powerscourt Centre, and maybe Grafton St. if you’re feeling adventourous. If you don’t feel like a drive, sure you can get the Dart anyway. All the while missing out on the real Dublin. Ocasionally there might be a bus journey where you’ll have to tolerate two dozen teenagers with their 150 euro each to get plastered in the Wesley, but there won’t be much dealing with an upper deck full of scumbags smoking away. To me, that’s one of the biggest failings of a lack of transport integration. It helps pervade an attitude of real social ignorance, of comfortable isolation. It makes Ross O’Carroll-Kelly a possibility.

Unfortunately for us, Munich had the Olympics to solve its Transport problems and we’ve got Martin Cullen.

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