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Posted on November 13, 2005, under general.

I’ve been incredibly busy this month, with Digital Rights Ireland, the HEAnet National Networking Conference and some other things. The conference went well, I gave a presentation on, with the Apache tuning things, but the real highlight for me was that the whole Digital Rights agenda has gone mainstream. There were 4 talks in this area, including excellent plenaries from Mike Nowlan and Karlin Lillington. Hearing the head of a computer services department speak positively about copyfighting left me with a real impression that a lot of important arguments have really been won.

Between multiple trips to Munich to see Noirin, and San Diego for LISA and Apachecon I’ve got 38 hours flying time over the next 4 weeks, so it’s unlikely I’ll update this blog much. But I’m going to try and put up more useful content, I have a few drafts sitting around that may prove interesting too.

Yesterday, thanks to Noirin, Apache got Irish Language error pages, which is pretty cool! I’ve got them installed on a few servers already, and they’ll ship with 2.2 when it releases soon. It’d be great to see more minority languages supported too, I’m surprised we beat Welsh.

Highly Recommended

Posted on November 1, 2005, under music.

The last 16 CDs I’ve bought:

Allison Krauss and Union Station - Lonely runs both ways Karan Casey - Chasing the Sun Cathie Ryan - The Farthest Wave Danu - the Road less travelled
Danu - When all is said and done The Ultimate Dolly Parton John Doyle - Wayward Son Hayseed Dixie - Kiss my Grass
Kila - Luna Park Diana Krall - The girl in the other room Kate Rusby - The girl who couldn't fly Kate Rusby - Underneath the Stars
Serenity, the Soundtrack Solas - Waiting for an Echo Michael McGoldrick - Wired Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley - Mither O' The Sea

All superb, particularly recommended are Kate Rusby and Danu, if you’ve never listened.