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Posted on December 12, 2005, under apache, general.

Apachecon US is starting in earnest now, and so far it’s great. The hackathons on Saturday and Sunday went well, with something like 80 committers tapping away. We made some progress on mod_ftp, some httpd stuff and I have some apr examples build system stuff sitting around to commit now. It was surprisingly productive. Yesterday myself and Justin had lunch with Cory Doctorow, which was really productive and he’s helped us out with a great amount of contacts and advice for Digital Rights Ireland. We also got a brief mention in this keynote, which is very cool. There are already over 450 attendees registered too.

The view from the hotel

On Friday I went into downtown San Diego and spent a few hours at LISA (interupted by the World Cup draw) and the Gaslight district before heading out to a great music store way out in the suburbs. Cool place. The weather here is amazing, and it’s as hot as any Irish summer every lunch time. Considering this is December, I have to wonder what this place gets like in the middle of summer. The Navy docks are huge, and it can be a bit surprising to a suddenly see 5 stories of submarine cruising past.

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