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Posted on March 19, 2006, under apache, general.

Noirin is an Apache httpd-docs committer, and among other things has authored the Irish translation of the Apache error documents, improved the mod_rewrite documentation, did a massive overhaul on the mod_ssl documentation (now it no longer references things which havn’t existed in 5 years!), added event MPM documentation and fixed a load of grammar and spelling mistakes. Although she normally lives in Dublin, she’s currently spending a year in Munich on a European Exchange (erasmus) study programme (she’s doing a Degree in Computational Linguistics). She’s one of httpd’s youngest committers and one of a very few women committers (which we’re trying to encourage!).

Annoyingly, although ApacheCon is in Dublin this year, she isn’t, and as a poor student – even getting to the hackathon isn’t very easy for her – with the World Cup in Germany adding a lot to the flight costs around the time. It would cost her about 400 euro just to be in Dublin for the hackathon, and ApacheCon itself costs around 900 euro. So she’s looking for sponsors, to see if anyone can sponsor her. Corporate or otherwise.

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/~colmmacc/ » Blog Archive » Not a Rio!  on March 29, 2006

[...] Update: SUN have also very kindly agreed to cover Nóirín’s travel costs to ApacheCon Europe in Dublin (read how this will help her, here). Nóirín has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes editing my blog-posts into readable English (and also improving the spelling to that above the level of a 10 year old!) and with Sun’s help, the universe has been particularly efficient at getting the kharmic reward in order. [...]

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