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Into the West

Posted on April 27, 2006, under general.

I havn’t blogged much in the last two weeks, due to being insanely busy in work. But to take a break from the world, myself and Nóirín drove to Mayo for the Easter weekend, which we spent staying in Ballina and driving around all of Mayo (and I do mean all). We stayed in a great B & B called Quignalegan House and from there went as far afield as Belmullet, Westport, Sligo and everywhere in between. We got a chance to do the Céide fields tour and a visit to the Musuem of Country Life.

On our last day, we also stopped to have a yummy barbeque, using one of those disposable portable bbq things, worked out great;

(we cleanup up afterwards, nothing was left behind). All over the Mayo, the views were absolutely amazing, the great cliffs, hills, forests, wind farms, bog and roads forming an incredible landscape everywhere. I really wish I’d taken more photos. Highly recommended part of the country. It was great to just get away from everything and just spend some time with Nóirín before she jetted off to Munich again.

More Ubuntu on T2000

Posted on April 13, 2006, under apache, general, niagara.

Fabbione, the Ubuntu-sparc maintainer, got in touch and helped me out with our Ubuntu on T2000 issues. Turns out that the installing dapper can be a bit sensitive to changes in the archive while you’re installing it. A re-install fixed the problems, and this issue will totally dissappear once dapper is marked stable – as the archive will settle down.

He also pointed me at Dave Miller‘s latest kernel with T1 fixes, which I’ve built from git, and showed me the way to the libc6-sparcv9v and libc6-sparc64v packages, which contain runtime optimisations for the platform. And the result is stunning. Ubuntu is now outperforming even Solaris express, and we’re sustaining 22,183.43 requests per second – using out of the box Apache 2.2.0. Not a single kernel tuning, Apache tuning, or anything beyond “CFLAGS=-Os” applied.

Frankly, I’m amazed. Amazed enough that I’ve rebooted into Nevada twice now just to confirm it’s not a change in the test environment. This machine just gets better and better, and Linux/Ubuntu really helps it get there. Of course things like hardware SSL acceleration don’t quite work in Linux yet, but I’m sure it’ll get there.

Now I know we’re going to be buying a few of T1 boxes this year, and although I’ll be using Solaris for debugging and development work (where it is a superb environment), it’s looking less and less attractive for production deployments.