Nevada Testing

Posted on April 11, 2006, under apache, general, niagara.

Before we give Ubuntu a try on the T2000, we’ve upgraded it to the latest build of Solaris Express (nevada) with the latest version of the e1000 driver, and it certainly does make some improvement. The single-threaded I/O results are not much different, so I’m beginning to suspect that these results are more related to the 7200 RPM disks that anything else. If we get a chance to hook the T2000 up to a serious RAID array with 15K RPM disks, we’ll give it another shot. I’m going to post soon with the I/O graphs for a range of processors and operating systems, so I’ll save that graph for a small while.

Before upgrading, we applied some more tunings that found on the T2000 SpecWeb page, but they didn’t make much difference it has to be said. As I previously blogged, regular Solaris 10 managed to push 15298.68 requests per second. Well straight out of the box, Nevada was pushing over 18,000 – which is a 20% improvement, not bad! The kernel bug which caused the event MPM to crash is now fixed, and using the event MPM gets us to … drum-roll … 20,417.33 requests per second. Better yet, the really nifty kssl functionality on Solaris means that you can use the event MPM without having to worry about its lack of support for mod_ssl right now.

Although the single-threaded I/O numbers have not really improved, Nevada is better for single-threaded downloads, and here we see a neat doubling of performance and the T2000 has no problem maintaining 80MB/sec (that’s 640 Mbit/sec) downloads, which is more than good enough.

One funny thing I have noticed is a bug in the T2000 firmware;

Sun Fire T200, No Keyboard
Copyright 2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.

A google search for it seems to indicate it’s universal. But I can’t find a bug ID :-) Maybe the product line got renamed, or maybe it took legal a while to negotiate with the Terminator people, or maybe it’s just a typo, but either way I like it, it’s fun to have a few anachronisms, it adds character.

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lalado  on April 11, 2006

It’s a bug-RFE #6392224, but it won’t be fixed, because it would break Solaris and SunMC. (Sun has a long tradition with changing T-names: for example arrays T3 were sold with a “T300″ title on them…)

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