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Posted on April 13, 2006, under apache, general, niagara.

Fabbione, the Ubuntu-sparc maintainer, got in touch and helped me out with our Ubuntu on T2000 issues. Turns out that the installing dapper can be a bit sensitive to changes in the archive while you’re installing it. A re-install fixed the problems, and this issue will totally dissappear once dapper is marked stable – as the archive will settle down.

He also pointed me at Dave Miller‘s latest kernel with T1 fixes, which I’ve built from git, and showed me the way to the libc6-sparcv9v and libc6-sparc64v packages, which contain runtime optimisations for the platform. And the result is stunning. Ubuntu is now outperforming even Solaris express, and we’re sustaining 22,183.43 requests per second – using out of the box Apache 2.2.0. Not a single kernel tuning, Apache tuning, or anything beyond “CFLAGS=-Os” applied.

Frankly, I’m amazed. Amazed enough that I’ve rebooted into Nevada twice now just to confirm it’s not a change in the test environment. This machine just gets better and better, and Linux/Ubuntu really helps it get there. Of course things like hardware SSL acceleration don’t quite work in Linux yet, but I’m sure it’ll get there.

Now I know we’re going to be buying a few of T1 boxes this year, and although I’ll be using Solaris for debugging and development work (where it is a superb environment), it’s looking less and less attractive for production deployments.

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jimmystewpot  on April 18, 2006


is it possible to get an lspci -vvv output from the server. I am interested to know what the underlying disk controllers etc are. The Sun web page is not providing the detail as much as I would like.




Thompa  on April 19, 2006

Hi, just to figure out about settings, is disk cache enabled in Solaris? The default is off, IIRC, to avoid data
corruption on “unsecure” disks. This could make some

Anyway it’s impressive results from a new product, no matter
the OS.




ossblog  on April 19, 2006

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dagi3d  on April 20, 2006

if you want to see a good perfomance, I also would suggest to make the tests using the cherokee web server: http://www.0×


Patrice Levesque  on May 20, 2006

How is apache spawning daemons on the three machines? on threads (worker) or on processes (prefork)? could make a big difference as both models can dramatically change the throughput.


Philip Reynolds  on May 22, 2006

FreeBSD is now booting and successfully building world off the Niagara Ultrasparc 1.


SYSTEMHELDEN.COM /* HELDENSchule  on June 16, 2006

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tecosystems » links for 2007-03-25  on March 25, 2007

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