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Going away photos

Posted on August 24, 2006, under general.

Photos from last night in Messr Maguires are now online on flickr.

Sarah, Jenny, Imelda

Thanks to everyone who came, it was good fun, and great to see so many people I havn’t touched base with in ages. And thanks also to Noirin, who took most of the excellent pictures!

New lens; Sigma 30mm f1.4

Posted on August 13, 2006, under general, photography.

Browsing in the biggest Saturn in Munich, I finally found a shop that stocked the Sigma 30mm f1.4. I’ve seen it on-line, but not with any stockists I’d trust, so had held off buying one until I could get one in person.

It’s much larger, and weightier, than I expected; the huge lump of light-collecting glass on the front really makes an impression (especially as it makes the shutter action very visible), but it does its job very, very well. I haven’t played with it much yet, but it’s performing excellently in low-light conditions, which is what I bought it for. I already own a Canon 50mm f1.8, which can take shots like this in candlelight-like conditions, but as Colin observed, the framing is quite tight with 50mm.

The 30mm does an even better job of taking very good shots in very dark places, ideal for parties. Below are some shots from the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich, with a sample of the same exposure using my Canon 18-55mm f4 zoom lens (ISO 1600, 1/50s, full aperture).

Noirin with the sigma
Colm with the sigma Colm with the Canon

The photos from the Sigma are actually a good deal brighter than the room seemed to the eye. Having such a wide aperture means that the lens has an incredibly short depth of field, but it’s got a very nice blur to it, and it’s producing excellently seperated colours for me, without the need for any filters.

Noirin Close-up

It reminds me of the effects produced by film cameras in 1940s. The lens comes with a nice bag and good, big, lens-hood for getting rid of stray light-rays. So far, I’m very happy with it.