Niagara boxes deployed!

Posted on August 6, 2006, under general, niagara.

So, earlier this week, we deployed, the T2000 Sun donated as the new main login server for RedBrick.

It’s been named Murphy after RedBrick founder David Murphy, who died tragically early this year. It’s both fitting that a main RedBrick machine be named after him, but also that it is a Sun server. Before being one of Google’s earliest employees in Ireland, David had a successful career at Sun Ireland.

It’s running Ubuntu, and so far the usual problems of a migration have been minimal. There was, as ever, a large number of programs for which users didn’t use the 2 month pre-migration period to tell us were missing, as well as a few binaries in user directories which needed to be recompiled. We’re also having a problem with nscd. But apart from those relatively minor issues (compared to the other migrations in the past!), it’s gone very well indeed, and it’s nice to have 16 Gigabytes of RAM to play with!

Seperately from that, after playing with some different installations on it, I’ve installed the T1000 and plan to deploy that in the next week or two. It’s also performing very well for us, and should make an amazing replacement for the Celeron with 256M of RAM it’s replacing! It will be used as a development host for some Apache work, a web host for some high-traffic sites (including this one) and a few other things. We havn’t decided where to colocate it just yet, but have a few options.

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