Nedap Voting machines hacked

Posted on October 5, 2006, under general.

Dutch anti e-voting group, Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet, have aquired some Nedap voting machines and successfully hacked them. I’ve seen this in action myself and it’s very impressive. The machines are in almost all respects identical to the 7,000 or so the Irish government purchased (and are claiming have been validated beyond any question), so much so that the Dutch group actually used the documentation on the machines that Joe McCarthy uncovered from the Irish government.

hacking a voting machine

The attack involved replacing only a single small component (the EPROM), and as far as I can tell, would definitely apply to the Irish voting machines.

Hopefully we can finally put to rest the notion that the Nedap voting machines are in some way trustworthy without the addition of a voter-verified audit-trail. It’s time for the Government to face up to reality and finally scrap these machines and start from scratch if they really want to implement e-voting.

Update: Justin has a good post on this too, and our Dutch friends have put up an English-language section with excellent coverage. I also have to take my hat off to Seán Whelan and the RTÉ European Affairs team who covered the press conference in the Hague on almost no notice and produced a great segment for the 6.01 news.

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