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Posted on February 4, 2007, under general, Joost, TheVeniceProject.

So, I’m in Toronto right now, for NANOG39 where I’ll be talking to people about Joost (nee: The Venice Project), learning as much as I can, talking to some of our prospective Transit providers and maybe even taking part in some of the IPv6 stuff that’s going on here. If you’re in Toronto, say hi!

The View from my Hotel Window

Right now it’s -23°C outside, with a windchill that puts us somewhere down at -30°C, but it’s still surprisingly comfortable to walk around in with many layers and good gloves.

On Tuesday I fly out to go to London, where I’ll be spending a few days in the Joost London office, but am mainly in town to talk about E-voting for the Open Rights Group. The events look like they’ll be great fun and I’m especially looking forward to finally meeting Dr. Rebecca Mercuri. While I’m in town, I also hope to take a trip out to Bletchley park. In all my visits to the UK, I’ve still never managed to make it out there.

And finally, next week I’ll be in Limerick to talk at skycon on the same subject, but with more of an open-source slant. I’m going to try and cover how Open Source and E-voting can interact, is open source e-voting software really useful? But also, how ICTE used open-source principles very successfully when we were organising our lobbying efforts. Should be fun! Now I just have to write the presentation!

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Anton Tagunov  on February 5, 2007

Hi! Count me in “Venice Project” way cooler than “Joost” camp. Older name was romantic.
New name is dry and commercial. IMO.


bilwalsh  on February 5, 2007

hey man, guess what? im living in Limerick right now, dont forget its not as glam as London or Toronto. Im in a big dillema. Maybe you can help me. its about whether to go outside and possibly get stabbed, or stay inside. But It can get so boring inside…. ahh.. if only i had a joost invite.!!!!! Dont forget!!

Bill walsh


raaj  on February 7, 2007

can i ask you for a invitee for joost ,please


Wicke  on February 8, 2007

Would love to get an invite to joost, send one if you can to Thanks in advance.


Laura  on February 12, 2007

Looking forward to it now, only a few days to go!


Lynn Sadler  on February 13, 2007

Good evening,

My name is Lynn Sadler. I live in Cabot, Arkansas. U.S.A. I’m extremely interested in being in the beta testing of the joost project. I understand there are tokens available to facilitate being on the beta team. My age is 60, but I probably have forgot more about computers that most young people know about them. Instead of being a old “geezer”. I am an old geek. I started with a Commodre Vic 20 about 25 years ago and have preceded from there. I have a blog as listed below.

Would you be so kind to allow me one of the tokens? I feel like I could help out.

Thank you for your time and best wishes,

Lynn Sadler


Hugo  on April 4, 2007

Hey there i am really interested by this joost projet and I wase wondering if you could send me an invite??! plz? :)


Benoit  on April 5, 2007


I have been reading about JOOST. Can you please send me an invite. My email address is

Thanks in advance,


Sven  on May 3, 2007

Hi, I’m Sven from Estonia, can you please send me an invitation to Joost. Thanks!


Xsion  on May 20, 2007

Would you bee nice and give me an invetation to joost?


By the way……………………I’m not good at kissing arse)


Xsion  on May 20, 2007

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