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Midnight on the Water

Posted on March 10, 2007, under general.

After finally figuring out how to actually use Garageband, a USB to dual-XLR mixer and my two Mics, I’ve managed to get some basic stuff recorded again. I’ll add them to my music section as I go, but first up is a great Texas fiddle tune called Midnight on the Water.

This is an old Texas fiddle tune that I learned originally about 12 years ago from Liam “Bal” Kennedy. I’ve changed it around a bit, so that the chord progression resolves to a G, and I very very often refer to it mistakenly as “Moonlight on the River”. I’ve recorded it here using Garageband on my Mac. There are better combinations of instrument than guitar on guitar for this sort of thing, but I really like the deceptive simplicity of the tune. It’s actually pretty complex to play right, and I really like playing it. It’s easy to imagine boats sailing calmly in the darkness, gently meandering down-stream.

direct mp3 link.

The backing was recorded first, in regular concert tuning, and the melody is played using the drop-D tuning, though the dropped-D is used only once (bonus points if you can spot where).