Damovo fail to understand e-voting basics

Posted on August 1, 2007, under evoting, general.

Unfortunately another IT company has decided to push the e-voting issue again. Damovo have commissioned a survey and are creating the impression that electronic voting would somehow increase turnout. With two features in the Independent and SiliconRepublic.

The articles are simply staggering. By means of a survey, it’s revealed that 44% of the non-voting respondents could not make it to their polling station on polling day. E-voting, it is headlined, is the solution! Well, unfortunately trial after trial has failed to increase voter-turnout consistently. Even in Ireland, when trialled, turnout did not rise with any significance. What about moving the polling day? What about re-examining the postal voting system? What about allowing multiple polling days? The premise that e-voting is the only, or even most effective, solution is flawed.

There are some worrying statements from John McCabe – MD of Damovo Ireland – who says:

“If you can do your tax returns online, why can’t you vote online?”

The simple reason, is that online voting cannot be implemented both anonymously and secure from tampering, they are mutually exclusive requirements. But it doesn’t stop there:

Reminded of the over-the-top controversy around e-voting booths five years ago, McCabe said there are secure technologies available today that would eradicate concerns. “For purpose of identification people could use their biometric passports or use one-off polling cards.”

I’ve read and categorized every single submission to the Commission on Electronic Voting. As far as I’m aware identity fraud was not raised a concern with the e-voting system. It is an unrelated concern. The problem was, is, and will always be the vulnerability to undetectable vote tampering and failures.

Worse still, if we make identity a chief concern, then surely we must rule out all remote voting? The implications of McCabe’s statements are self-contradictory. If McCabe’s statements are a reflection of Damovo’s general competency, I worry for their future.

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Dan Brickley  on August 7, 2007

..ooOO(“what if you could cast your vote while watching TV? Nah…”)


bob sloan  on August 13, 2007

touch-screen voting and electronic voting has been tried with no great success,maybe how to vote needs to be included in youth’s schooling. Teach all forms or metheods and see what happens. Education on civic duties should begin at an early age.Since youth are acquainted with computers, it is probable that they would use E-voting more readily.


Joan White  on January 14, 2008

Damovo are lucky to be in business at all, such is the p¡ss-poor standard of their “general competency”. Even a cursory Google turns up dozens of articles last year detailing how the company came close to bankruptcy and had to be handed over to its creditors. Now they’re simply desperately chasing business anywhere they can find it – evoting being a classic example, an area in which they have no pedigree or expertise. I’d take anything they have to say on this, or any other matter, with a healthy pinch of salt.

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