New Photoblog

Posted on January 13, 2008, under photography.

Although I’ve been updating this blog less frequently than I used to, I have been taking a lot of photographs over the last few months. Gradually I’m getting slightly more and more confident in the results, and I have enough of a buffer of publishable photographs that I’m finally ready to start blogging some properly.

So, to that end, I’ve kicked off a Photoblog over at all costs, and you can subscribe to the feed too.

The blog itself is a mix of a custom theme and plugin I’ve hacked away on, for WordPress, and some styling from the Juicy theme too. There’s also some python hackery behind the scenes to fetch the photos from flickr, tinker with the colour-spaces, overlay the signature and then output two named renderings.

The photos will continue to go up to flickr, and each entry includes a link to the flickr page, along with tags explaining what equipment was used to take the picture. Hopefully I’ll be blogging photos at the rate of about 3 a week, and getting better as I go!

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