The ticking cat

Posted on January 4, 2009, under creative commons, music.

I’ve been playing with Garageband again, and trying to get more music recorded, with some success. First up, is a new tune, called “The Ticking Cat”, a nice (hopefully) simple reel.


This time the melody was played first, on a banjo (which I’m steadily learning, so excuse the poor playing), and accompaniment recorded over – on a DADGAD guitar. The tune is in A-major, and it’s named after a funky-looking metronome.

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johnl  on January 4, 2009

Well, Amelie definitely liked it, she’s been dancing around the living room to it this morning :-) Good work, Colm!


Kae Verens  on January 4, 2009

wow – that’s pretty cool. I can just imagine it with flutes and bodhrans coming in.


colin  on January 4, 2009

It got rave reviews in Mary’s this morning.

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