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iDefense offers zero-day bounty

Posted on May 18, 2007, under apache, general.

ooooh, iDefense are offering a bounty on zero-day exploitable flaws in Apache, sendmail, bind, openssh, iis and exchange. I’ve managed to contribute code in varying degrees to most of those, so what I want to know is “does it count if I add it?”.

The prize and length of time seems disproportionate with the challenge though, I don’t think it will be as hard as the ZD-net piece speculated to find zero-day flaws when sufficiently motivated. I do think it’ll easily degenerate into arguments about the nature of the flaws and their severity more than anything else, but still it’s a good thing to see.

FOSDEM07 and the rest of February

Posted on February 25, 2007, under apache, general, Joost.

Despite being pretty travel-jaded after Toronto, London, Dublin and Limerick I’ve come down to FOSDEM in Brussels, it’s great fun. I’ve already met up with some people I havn’t seen in ages, chief among whom is Dave Neary who I’ve managed to miss more than once a few times before!

Grand Place at night

It’s about 6 years since the last time I was in Brussels (when I was here to play trad music in a series of very fun gigs), but it’s hardly changed, it’s a surprisingly easy city to navigate. I did get a very dodgy hotel key card though …

Dodgy hotel key card

More photos in my FOSDEM flickr set. There’s a bunch of us here from Joost and it’s very useful to come and get a perspective on what else is happening in the Mozilla world.

It’s been a very strange, mixed and extremely busy month for me. I’ve squeezed a lot of travel into a very small month, my Dad was in hospital for a bit, Nóirín got engaged, the already hectic pace of work at Joost is now picking up even further (it’s pretty cool that we signed Viacom, but that also boils down to a lot of work to get done!), my mother came to visit me in Leiden, and other things have happened which give me good cause to be happy.

It’s been both my worst and best month since moving to the Netherlands, and until we launch (and go out of beta) and for a good while after that, I think it’s going to be even more of the same. It’s also about the half-way point of my (planned, at least) stay in the Netherlands, and there’s still plenty of places I haven’t managed to see yet, which is making me think!

Still, I’m having a great time, I’m meeting an insane amount of people, getting to see a great variety of places and am spending an awful lot more time out and about than I would be in Ireland, so I’m making sure I’m making the most of it too. Now, I just need a teleportation device.