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Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted on February 22, 2006, under apache, general, ipv6, niagara, photography.

I didn’t blog at all during January, and I didn’t get to code as much on Apache stuff as I would have liked either, and it looks like it’s going to be like this for a while now, and I’m now finally at a stage why I can explain why I’m so busy!

We’re building a new data-centre, over a pretty short period of time (has to be occupyable – by servers – on May 1st) and believe me, this is no small amount of work. We’ve been running tender evaluations, designing cabinet layouts, working out budgets, negotiating SLA’s and contracts and lots more besides. As the build progresses I’ll try to blog about it, including photos and so on. We’re doing some things in a little bit of an unusual way and I’ll try and explain our reasoning along the way. Hopefully this will prove of use to others too.

But before that, I should cover a little of what I’ve been up to in the last 6 weeks.

3 weeks ago, I went over to visit Nóirín, and we went up Zugspitze where we had a great, if somewhat cold, time spending the night in an Igloo! You can read Nóirín’s write up on it here and there’s a bunch of photos too.

While in Munich, we also caught a Jacques Loussier gig, which I thought was a bit odd to be honest, but was good to have been at nonetheless.

On the Digital Rights Ireland front, we’ve been working hard to be in a position to accept donations as well as handling some behind-the-scenes legal work. This week, along with the TCD Dublin Legal Workshop, we’ll be hosting a talk from Suw Charman on Friday. This should be great, and if you can make it all, please do. The DRI invite and write up is here.

On the Apache front, one of the really annoying aspects of being so busy is that I havn’t been able to find the time to do much coding, I had to back out of the execd work I had started, but hopefully in a few months I’ll get a chance to get back to it. To mitigate my own sense of guilt over this, I volunteered to RM the latest httpd 2.0.x release, and I’m glad I did. It’s a lot of work, it took me at least 60 hours to get 2.0.x into a releasable state (we’re now waiting on some licensing issues to be clarified before a candidate is rolled) – but unlike coding, this work can be easily broken up. It’s possible to do 15 minutes or an hour here and there and have it all add up productively.

When I code, I need to do it in large uninterruped blocks or I lose my concentration and start being unproductive. If you’re involved in any Open Source projects, I’d say volunteering to RM is a great way of contributing when you don’t have the space to get a load of coding done, but want to help nonetheless. Though get very very familiar with how to manage code merges!

I’m considering proposing two talks for ApacheCon Europe, but before I do, it’d be useful to hear any feedback on what people would like to hear, my current ideas are:

  • Scaling Apache httpd to 50,000 concurrent users

    This talk would be an update of the talk I gave last year, only now with even bigger numbers. It would include the standard tuning/benchmarking basics but also new things like the pluggable schedulers in Linux, the siege utility, the event MPM in much more detail (and how it improves performance over worker), the new graceful-stop feature and how that helps, our experiences on the Itanium platform and Itanium-specific tunings and a bit on mod_ftp thrown in for good measure.

  • IPv6 at the ASF

    This talk would be a few things in one. A brief introduction to IPv6 from the point of view of a typical user of ASF software (mostly server software), the common platform bugs and how to avoid them, a survey and report of IPv6 support in all ASF software (I pretty much have this part done), and then some details on IPv6 from an ASF developer point of view, what’s needed and so on, using APR as an example (we have a load of bug-workarounds in the APR IPv6 code – it’s one of the best sources of platform bug documention).

If these interest you, or turn you off, or if you can think of anything else better, do tell!

A reader got in contact with me to ask how the trial of the latest Sun kit went. Like I blogged last December, Sun announced a free trial of their Niagara boxes for people to determine how good they are and to consider buying some. As far as I can tell, this trial is vapourware. We never heard back, despite filling in the form again and mailing just to be sure. A few other people we’ve talked too attested to a similar experience. I guess Sun still suck.

Update 2:
A look at Sun’s revised form for the trial, shows that Ireland isn’t on the list of selectable countries, which might explain why we never heard back. What a load of crap. Sun definitely suck.